We can undertake specialist restoration works including repointing of brickwork, cutting out damaged stonework, or stone cleaning

Stone Cleaning Services

As different building materials weather and degrade in different ways, each project we undertake requires a tailored approach to ensure optimum cleaning and restoration. We are able to carry out a variety of brick and stone cleaning techniques, only utilising the most appropriate solution that is sympathetic to the craftsmanship and character of the building. It is worth noting that before we embark on a project we will always complete a free test sample of our brick and stone cleaning techniques in a discreet area of the building, enabling our fully trained specialists to establish the most sensitive solution that procures only the best results for the stone cleaning and restoration process.

Our methods of brick and stone cleaning and paint removal include:

Variable temperature and pressure superheated water cleaning systems
Soft abrasive cleaning using swirling vortex systems
High and low pressure water cleaning
Soft spray cleaning
Non toxic paint removal alternatives to shot blasting
Internal alkaline poultice applications